Eva mug

Let us introduce the EVA MUG. A beautiful mug and a beautiful woman 

At TYBO, all our ceramics are named after family members or dear friends, and in this story we would like to introduce you to the person behind our EVA mug.

Close to our boutique at Sankelmarksgade in Vesterbro, Copenhagen our good friend Eva Balsner has a lifestyle and interior store, A Door, and she was one of the first retailers to sell our ceramics.

“I have known and appreciated Stinne and Nis as friends for many years, and they were a great support to me, when I was dreaming about opening my own store, so when TYBO started to produce their own items, I wanted them in my assortment.”

Eva shares, that she was very surprised, to hear that a cup was named after her.

“I am so proud and honoured, that they wanted to name a cup after me. Think about it, having such a beautiful item created with your name. That is is moving. I was touched and I have no doubt, that it will be my new favorite coffee cup,” she smiles.

Hans Teacup

Eva also knows the third founder Hans very well, and the Hans Cup is her favorite teacup.

Having my evening tea in the Hans cup feels like a warm hug of the hands. It gives such a good calming feeling.”

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Trust the gut feeling

At A Door Eva Balsner only sells items, that she picked out herself, and always wanted to offer a cup of coffee too. A way to run a store, she had experienced in New York and Melbourne.

I loved the vibe of these store types with coffee and interior, that I had never seen in Denmark, so I decided, it was, what I wanted to create in my boutique,” Eva Balsner says and shares a vulnerable thought:

I spend a lot of time choosing the right items by following my gut feeling, and in the beginning, I found that really hard. Hard to trust myself that much. Would others appreciate my decisions?

Luckily, I found out that most people like my choices, and they probably sense my passion for the products in the boutique. Just like TYBO has for their lovely, handcrafted items.