Tybo art and craft - neighborhood

Collaborations with our dear neighbours around Vesterbro


At TYBO, we love Vesterbro. The colorful old district in Copenhagen, where we have our workshop and boutique, contains many small shops and cafes, and we love collaborating with them.

Enghave kaffe

Our treasured neighbors at Enghave Plads, Enghave Kaffe, make the best coffee. We are proud to have been asked to design and produce their cortado and latte cups. We can’t stop smiling when we walk by their cozy cafe and see our pottery in the hands of happy coffee drinkers

Thank you for pouring your great coffee into our cups, Dennis!

The cups are available for purchase if you also like the design.

Stories: Restaurant AOC TYBO

Restaurant AOC

The two-starred Michelin Restaurant AOC is not located in Vesterbro, but in the charming area in the Inner city of Copenhagen close to Amalienborg, the official residence for the Danish royal family. We feel honored and humbled to have designed unique bowls, plates, and other serving platters. We are proud to be a part of the sensory dining experience at AOC where iconic dishes are served as works of art to pleasure all the senses.

Thank you, AOC!

The items produced for AOC are uniquely produced for the restaurant and are not for sale.

Donda Deli

The small deli and eatery, Donda Deli, is inspired by the Latin-American kitchen. You will find their tasteful and vibrant food served on a special plate with our yellow glaze. This glaze gives just the right vibes to their flavourful dishes. You will also find small vases on the tables produced by TYBO.

- We recommend their tasting menu next time you visit Vesterbro. You won’t regret it.

Thank you for serving your delicious food on our plates, Casim!